Friday, 30 December 2011

Christmas break so far. Help I'm tired!

The Christmas break started off very productively, I was up super early on my first free day out of uni to visit Newark Air Museum and had a great day out on my own. Stupidly I bought an air-fix kit whilst there and spent the rest of the week building and painting that, still didn't finish it completely! Awesome fun though. At the end of that week I attended the student rep meeting to discuss the results of the student survey, I've got to hand it to Mr Pickton though, he did an awesome job of the survey and worked very hard, what can I say, he makes us look good.

The following week before Christmas I decided to take a rest and re-generate myself for the Christmas weekend, I did some extra work at Halfords where I work and part time and then it was Christmas! I had an awesome weekend, my parents came down from Warrington to spend the weekend and we were able to spend the whole of Christmas day at home with Sophia, and the following day, Monday 26th we all went to Mallory Park for the day to watch some bike racing at the Plum Pudding race meet. I honestly didn't think I'd be there with Sophia until next year, I've been to Mallory loads this year with my dad but havn't been allowed to take Sophia so I was well happy.

So, this week I was hoping to get some work done, obviously I visit Soph on Mondays and Wednesday's so havn't had those days full but I was asked to do a favour and cover somebody at Halfords so that was another day gone, Saturday I'm working till 1pm and Soph will be at the flat from 2pm and I agreed to help out by working all day at Halfords too so that's this week gone as well.

That leaves me with next week to get stuck into work and finish the vehicle design project and a presentation for critical studies. Mike was obviously right by telling us not to depend on the Christmas break to get stuff done as it will not happen but it really does go by quickly. I'm fine with getting stuck into work next week, the big problem is I'm tired. All the time! No matter what, im tired. Everything else thats going on in life is taking its toll it seems, I'm stressed, not eating properly and it seems everything i do day to day is none stop chaos and I'm only just keeping up. I'm hoping to see a doctor next week because of this, sometimes i feel motivated and ready to do work and my body is just too fatigued and other times i feel great physically but my head will just not function and I'm worried that my work wont be of a good quality if i cant clear my mind and that will effect my grades.

Hopefully a doctor can help but i dont know what to do, my life is my life and nothing can be changed. I've dropped my hours at work on a Thursday night but that only increases my worries over money. There's so much else going on, i feel i can cope caring for Sophia but the 'powers that be' seem to be making it as difficult as possible, i probably shouldn't divulge too much on that but it sucks and is stressing me out most of all.

But by far one of the thing that is stressing me out the most is driving in Leicester! I travel to Melton Mowbry 4 times a week to visit Sophia and it seems that every set of traffic lights are on red, even at one in the morning when there's nobody else on the fucking road, and there are a lot of traffic lights! and everyone else on the road are selfish wankers who have no time for everyone else! honest to god ive seen less violent drivers in the British touring cars at Brands Hatch!

Ahhhhhhhh rant over, possibly a little relief! I Should probably go and have a sleep and clear my head!

If you got this far, thanks for listening and putting up with me!

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