Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Six Week Assessment and Feedback

So the assessment went quite well, feedback was positive in general which I’m extremely happy about. I've just spent the last few hours deciphering the feedback forms to see what the tutors have written and to see what I need to work on. I know I let myself down with critical studies, i.e.; my blogs, as I fell behind slightly, I was marked with an adequate, and I feel what I have written so far is of a good standard, but basically I haven’t done enough, which in my own opinion is inadequate. I have lots of ideas and notes for blogs I want to write, but time is extremely tight, I get one full free day every two weeks at the moment, and the tutors are fully aware of this and extremely supportive of my current situation which I am ever so grateful for, on the other hand, I must admit that I have prioritised Game Production ad Visual Design more due to difficulties with time management. This week we have no lectures so have time to catch up and hopefully do some more personal blogs. With the feedback in mind I'm hoping to do some more blogs reflecting Game Production and Visual Design, and obviously try to get some blogs down from my notes.
My thoughts about making more time for myself are all over the place at the minute. I'm going to speak to my manager at Halfords, (where I work part time), about dropping hours every other Sunday, which will give me one full free day every week, (double my free time, wooo!), but, ultimately I think I will need to quit my part time job at some point, maybe in year two. The only thing then is I'd be putting myself under a lot of financial pressure, I will obviously aim for the best grade possible to try and get a scholarship next year though. Obviously most of my free time is taken up with Sophia and I cant see myself giving up any time with her, Christ, I've already gone from seeing her 24 hours a day to less than 20 hours a week, more like 12 hours a week. Fingers crossed she will be home soon and have car provided for her here. Ultimately I don’t want to be faced with making a decision between Sophia and uni, because I'm pretty certain what it would be, I just couldn't face leaving uni again when I know I have so much potential. The main positive is the huge amount of support I've got from friends and in particular family.
On a lighter note, feedback from both Game Production and Visual Design was fantastic. I'm very happy because I have worked ever so hard. In terms of game production I pretty much understand the basics, which is why I probably did well with the wheelie bin project, but I'm obviously aware that it only gets harder so I must keep producing work so that I don’t struggle in the future. For visual design I'm quite confident that I can continue to produce work at a high standard. I need more practice with ellipses and I'm still quite 'early days' with digital painting so I hope to continue to develop my skills with that. Possibly forthcoming holidays will give me some extra time to realise my ideas.
Overall I'm happy with how things are going, I'm enjoying being back at uni so much and things seem to be looking up in my personal life too. I've still got lots of worries, no wonder I still have headaches all day every day! But I'm hopeful things will keep getting better. I don’t think I can take any more blows. Hopefully I can do some more catching up this week, but also give myself some rest so that I'm fresh for the next semester.  

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