Thursday, 24 November 2011

Game Production, Architectural Project W.I.P.

Hopefully this will be just a quick one before my head hits the desk. Just wanted to have a quick look at my house before I clean everything up, give it a few final tweaks and get some final renders before Monday.

Basically all of the diffuse textures are on there, apart from the lawn, which wont take very long at all. At the moment I've used 4.79MB of my available texture budget. I am going to add a specular or normal map on there, which will take 3MB of space each, so that's the remainder of my budget, so its a toss-up between the two. Obviously I'd like to have both but right now if I'd have to choose one, I think I'd rather apply the specular to give the windows of the house and conservatory a nice shine.

Overall im really pleased with how the project has gone, I'm extremely happy with my mesh although I feel I may have been a little bold with the size of my mesh in relation to the texture budget, I can make it though. Other little things I think I could of done differently would be to have a tillable texture for the bushes around the driveway instead of including them on my larger texture sheet and could of probably had the garden wall on the texture sheet instead of tiling that, so basically switch them around.

At the moment my diffuse texture's are possibly a little too bright so I'm going to have a play around with that tomorrow make the building a little more realistic and dirty it up a little bit.

Ive made a few renders here anyway so I can assess the diffuse textures, I definitely need to have a look at how the garden wall is tiling. When ive finished I'm hoping to have a play around with the renderer and get some nice render's posted when finished.

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