Thursday, 7 February 2013

Missing Projects (Catch Up Part One)

So here's some feedback on previous visual design projects that I promised. In project three we spent our time in Leicester City centre studying the urban environment and taking influence from the work of Gordon Cullen. Cullen was actually a very influential British architect and urban designer and produced works representing the visual language of cities and urban landscapes, i.e. cityscapes.

Taking more of an influence from Cullen's quick style sketches, which I found myself taking a particular interest in, I started by walking around Leicester City centre, taking plenty of reference images and completing some quick sketches on location too.

After returning home I compiled my reference images and preparation sketches and after completing a couple more sketches using fine liner and marker pen to try and capture the visual style of Cullen's work I wanted to complete a few more drawings in colour. One of the Cullen examples given to us buy our Tutor Chris appeared to be fine liner and colouring pencil with some very expressive fluid marks. Trying to represent Cullen’s style again I completed two further larger sketches using colouring pencil of DeMontfort university, somewhere obviously particularly meaningful to me within Leicester City.

To finish this project I also completed three smaller sketches using water colour, a medium I was unable to find being used in any of Cullen’s work yet I found the use of watercolours lent themselves well to the visual style. I have a few reasons for my fondness for his style of work. The actual ability to transfer as much information, particularly within built up, dense urban areas quickly and technically accurate is a skill we have been practising as part as our development as game artist from day one of the Game Art and Design course. As well as this, I find the rough, quick style expressive and lends is self perfectly in conveying the unmasked, dirtiness of a lived in, used and abused cityscape.

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