Wednesday, 31 October 2012

A Treat For Halloween!

Halloween is here again and clearly the scariest thing about that is that we're fast approaching another Christmas and another new year, I really cant believe that its November tomorrow. So, this Halloween Ive opted for a treat, but not in the form of candy, no, this treat comes in the form of a Playstation game! So what? you're thinking, you've got Resident Evil 6? been out for weeks, most people have completed it, its more action than horror anyway. Well actually no, I havn't got Resident Evil 6, dont want it really, dont really care, but I have purchased and downloaded Resident Evil 3; Nemesis, on my Playstation Vita, oh the nostalgia! No doubt one of the best and most frightening of all the Resident Evil games alongside possibly Veronica X. 
Resident Evil 3; Nemesis for me has created one of those moments in your life were every time you see it, it instantly brings back all of those frightened nights of the past. Now we must remember I must of been around 10 years old, maybe even younger when I played this game, (which has an age rating of 18), I was scared shit-less to say the least. Its like re-watching old favorite horror movies, the game has the same affect, I remember first watching the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre around the same age, and the adverse affects it has on your mind as a child stays with you for life, every time you re-watch or in this case re-play.

Now i wont bore you with a review or anything like that, I just thought Id share with you why I still love this game, and what memory's make it still enjoyable for me to play today. Now these games are, for me anyway, why there is such a fondness for all things Zombie now-a-days. It was these games that kick started it all off, obviously im not so narrow minded to say that these games started the Zombie era, for me its quite clear that a certain Mr Romero made 'Zombie' so popular to this day, but I believe Resident Evil can be praised for defining the 'survival horror' genre that we still love today with game like Dead Island winning multiple awards last year and games like Dead Space 3 on the horizon.
For me the real world, gritty environments delivered by the first Resident Evil games where just awesome. Camera angles we're well placed to leave you always wondering what was around the next corner, there wasn't really any music in the games, but the incessant tapping of feet and small creaks, howls and blowing wind always create a fantastic mood. The way the game would cut to an animation of the door creaking open ever so slowly every time you walked through one and most importantly how great is it that at 23 years old, on a small PS Vita Screen with small sound the game can still make me jump! But there's one thing that stands out for me with this game. Its something that any film has really yet to offer me, possibly the Halloween movies, but even they cant come close to the sense this game creates for me, and im going to leave you with this. This game leaves me with the feeling, a sense of not being able to get away from something that’s chasing you.

Happy Halloween!

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