Friday, 30 December 2011

Work Presentation

So a little while ago I received a few comments regarding the presentation of my work, in particular my 3D work. Obviously on Facebook as long as my peers have images that are suitable to give me feedback on my work that's fine, but what was being suggested was grabbing some really nice shots that could be used as part of a portfolio. Finding some methods that suit me, in regards to rendering and presenting the work.

I spent a lot of time researching, watching video tutorials and looking at others work to see how they were presenting there's. I then took a number of steps to come to a final method of presentation that I was happy with.

Some of the points I focused on where;
-Where work should be presented, (for now I have settled on an online portfolio courtesy of deviant art and will of course continue to post work onto Facebook).
- Making good renders from 3DS Max that are suitable, I am also planning on researching and using Marmoset renderer.
-Overall presentation of my work including,
   -use of the final renders, where the should be positioned and sized and which ones should be used
   -information including with work, ie; tri count
   -colour schemes, so i had a recurring theme running through my portfolio, grey seemed best to use as a background colour but adding something that would personalise the work more seemed important
   -a logo to include with the work being presented

Logo design included research and then the development of a logo to a final.

Logo and presentation research
Logo ideas and development
Logo development
Background development
Final Background
So there we are, so far so good, I definatley feel I have made some good steps towards the presentation, and probably more importantly the distribution of my work. Here's the web address to finish off, its still a work in progress but i hope to have it finished and organised very soon.

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